Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 8 NFL Fantasy Football Lists - Fanduel picks also

Here we are in week 8, lots to talk about.
Denver rocked San Diego, and Atlanta picks off Detroit, oh wait... Detroit wins off a second chance field goal... holy crap.

Here's what I;m looking at for the rest of the week.

1 Aaron Rogers is the top pick (this should be a shoot out, but he's gonna cost you)
2 Russell Wilson is a solid play for the value.  Carolina has a bad D this year, so he should do well.
3 Carson Palmer is an awesome start today for the matchup, and the daily cost is excellent.
4 Kyle Orton is doing great since starting, and his price point is good as well for the possible points.
5 Teddy Bridgewater is by far the cheapest of all the QBs, and the upside for daily is massive.  TB has given up a lot of points to QBs this season so far.

1 This is where I put DeMarco Murray, if you have to ask, you shouldn't be playing Fantasy Football.
2 Matt Forte is money, but costs a lot.
3 Lamar Miller has a really good matchup, and he's been solid since taking the reigns in Miami.  Has an ok price point.
4 Ahmad Bradshaw has a good matchup, Price point is lower than it should be, so he's worth starting.
5 Mark Ingram.  good match up, low cost, lots of hurt runnings backs in NO.

1 Nelson/Cobb either one is good, price point is high, but so are results.
2 Dez Bryant will have it easy, but his price point is high... he should pull at least 25 points
3 Mike Wallace has an easy match up, price point is ok, and the JAC D is weak.
4 Michael Floyd should run the house today, price point is ok.
5 James Jones, low price point, steady production.

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