Saturday, February 15, 2014

What's new for 2014 for me and gaming

It's been a while since I've been here, and it's not by choice, my life took a weird turn in 2013, and I'm no longer in Illinois, I'm in Portland, OR.   Yup that's right, Portlandia!  It's really nice out here, rains a lot, but it's really nice.  The winter so far... really isn't a winter... it's just wet most days.  Lots of clouds and lots of crap drivers.

So what's on the gaming scene this year?  Wildstar, EverQuest Next and Elder Scrolls Online seem to be what most people are talking about.  TitanFall for the shooters and a few other MMOs are due to release.  

I'm currently playing EverQuest Next Landmark, which is a sandbox game like Minecraft, but with better graphics.  It's in closed Alpha, and closed beta begins March 31st.  I try to stream it on Twitch, but I don't think my computer is good enough to keep up with it.

I also have started playing a little bit of Loadout, which is a free to play weapon design shooter, it's not bad and has a couple nice graphical things.

Hearthstone has also taken my attention every now and then, an online card game from Blizzard, with cards based around the World of Warcraft characters.

I will try and keep you better update in the future on my gaming... so back to it!

Laters all, 

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